"Leslie has an eye for capturing the magic of children, dogs and even a boat sailing by a summer cottage at the right time. Leslie is like the Pied Piper with children. When she directed kids' photo shoots, she inspired a spirit of fun that translated to action-packed catalog pages. Leslie could also develop a bond with dogs in a moment and have them tilting their heads and looking irresistible on their L.L. Bean dog beds or under the covers of a down comforter."

"It is rare to find an Art Director who is also a stylist. Her outstanding natural setting E-pin styling is polished. Leslie finishes her catalogs with simple elegance in design. Her many years of great sales numbers resonate with all of these talents."

"What an amazing person. She's a hard worker, she encourages creativity and allows those around her to step outside the box. Empowering is just one of the adjectives you will hear associated with Leslie. She is exciting, influencing, enthusiastic, a people motivator, zealous, a champion of creativity, big-picture approach, non-political, open and inspiring. She has taken many of our businesses and pushed the envelope to get our vision across to our customers."

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